Kosher Certification

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You want to read further about  NFC  APPLE K Kosher if:

  •  You share  the NFC family of products’ commitment to natural health and well being lifestyles.
  • You manufacture organic and/or natural products and want Kosher certification.You want to save time and money and are looking for kosher, organic, vegan, and/or Gluten Guard certification
  • You want a smooth certification process with a certifier you can communicate with!

If you answered YES to any of the above, then read further:

NFC Kosher Certification Process – Outline 


These are general steps to  becoming  kosher certified. However, please note that every facility is unique and some of steps may not be applicable to your situation. Only upon a thorough investigation can a firm kosher protocol be implemented.



First Step – No Fee!

At your request we will contact you by phone. We will establish that NFC can and should be your  certifier! There are a lot of choices for you and the right partnership is crucial for your success. Call us at 888-422-4NFC or 914-319-9040

Together we will assess your needs, budgets, and  previous certification history ( if any).

Step Two – No Fee!

An initial confidentiality agreement is exchanged with no cost or obligation for you.

 Step Three –  Still No Fee!

After you receive our application information you will send NFC the following information  which  will include the following important pieces of information:

  • An ingredient list for each product to be certified, their manufacturing source with name,

             phone number, and  kosher certificate

  • A schematic of operation/flow chart of production for each production line. This must   include a list of ALL equipment in your facility  (even of those that potential kosher product is not  produced on)
  • A general schedule of production for products requested kosher certification. Is your entire facility expected to be kosher certified or only a percentage of your products?

STEP FOUR – Even Still No Fee!

  • NFC conducts research on the kosher status of each ingredient. Company is notified of ingredients  that are approved for certification and/or will jeopardize the  kosher status of  your project.
  • A pre- approved ingredient source list is developed and finalized
  • NFC sends protocols to you for certification, and a fee for certification estimate. Details on how the inspection process works for your situation will be included.

STEP FIVE- Deposit Time!

NFC and you enter into a contract for certification. A deposit is sent before the first inspection visit.

Click here to download all the forms and information. If you want to combine packages or ask any question please click here to send us your question or request for a telephone meeting.

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