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Mission: Live healthier without preservatives and enjoy fresh food. Baruvi Fresh launched its first line of healthy snacks with hummustir, a USDA certified organic hummus. Hummustir uses only organic, non-GMO ingredients, free of preservatives like potassium sorbate and other harsh chemicals. There is no need to refrigerate until after it’s made, so consumers can enjoy hummustir anytime, anywhere. With hummustir, consumers can see exactly what’s going into their snack simply by rolling the ingredients from their packets and stirring their own fresh hummus in a minute’s time.

The launch of hummustir is very exciting for the team as it’s a culmination of years of research to bring fresh hummus to all. Hummustir is paving the path to a future where there will no longer be a need for unnatural, preserved, refrigerated hummus. It will be mainstream for people to easily make fresh, delicious hummus at home or on the go.