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Whiskey and Rocky. Two things that inevitably come to mind when you think of the name John Jameson and Philadelphia. But like everything about Kiki Vodka, the story of its creator defies expectations and offers a refreshing twist. As owner and operator of a successful liquor delivery service since 2006, John has been a trusted partner to clients, providing quality products at exceptional prices in his native City of Brotherly Love and surrounding region. His experience as an in-demand consultant exposed a glaring hole in the adult beverage landscape: the need for a gluten free, GMO free vodka distilled in the U.S. One with a great taste and a great price tag. Enter the Kiki Vodka Company, proudly founded in 2015 after years of intense research and handcrafting. Kiki delivers on the promise of a delicious, pure vodka that is as American as the Liberty Bell herself. It’s time to make Kiki your go-to vodka for any occasion, or no occasion at all.

Kiki Vodka Company

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