About Us

NFC provides certification to 5 natural food standards streamlining the certification process and lowering costs.

Our team is made up of people with a strong passion for health. We work together to ensure that our certification is given to products that meet the highest standards. Natural Food Certifiers stands for a “personal choice” in health management. By offering GMO-free, Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan and Kosher certifications, we put choice on the shelf and in the hands of our customer. Our client families strive to produce food the embrace the miracle of life. For more information call 888-422-432, 914-319-9040 or email: reuven@nfccertification.com

NFC History

How We Started NFC


NFC is founded and launches its first certification – Apple K Kosher Natural Program, based on our belief that kosher foods should be good for body and soul.


Our Vegan Program is inaugurated.


NFC becomes the first and only kosher agency to certify organic for the USDA National Organic Program.


We introduce our new NFC Gluten Guard Program.


We introduce the GMO Guard Program.


Initiation of the expansion of our services throughout North America and globally.

About Us

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