21 Jul, 19

There are two general streams in classical Jewish thought: the ‘Moral’ and the Spiritual. I’ve noticed similar viewpoints in the organic food eating crowd as well.

The Moral approach stresses the idea of always doing what is right. Don’t overeat and ‘touch’ that second helping on your plate; you don’t need it…ego it’s immoral! Don’t act like an animal…control yourself! The spiritual approach: my focus is on what is higher than my ‘day to day’ living, beyond the superficial. Hence, I won’t eat that second helping because I want to stay focused on what is higher, healthier and ergo…more satisfying. 

There are many who see organic idealism as doing what ethical by NOT polluting the air, the ground, and waterways with pesticides and such. GMOs are evil, contrived to change the world and the way it was created. Chemical pesticides are despicable. Factory farming is immoral. Even hydroponics border on heresy. It’s 1984 “newspeak” all over again, not George Orwell but the natural health food industry has created its own special language of “religious righteous eating and living!”

A different view seeks a higher flying platform. Let’s strive for clearer minds, increased energy, a cleaner world, a deep and more sensual connection to the natural environment, and a deeper bond to life itself.

Which stream of thinking spurs ongoing improvement? Which approach affirms what is good about Us, Our Lives? Which unifies and which tends to create factionalism? 

Let’s embrace the Blessing of Healthy Living!

Reuven Flamer, Executive Director of Natural Food Certifiers


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