1. A confidentiality agreement is signed with no cost or obligation to you.

2. NFC will provide an application for you to submit that includes the following important pieces of information:

  • An ingredient list for each product to be certified, their manufacturing source with name, phone number and kosher certificate.
  • A schematic of operation/flow chart of production for each production line. This must include a list of ALL equipment in your facility (even those that potential kosher products are not produced on).
  • A general schedule of production for products for which you are requesting kosher certification. Is your entire facility expected to be kosher certified or only a percentage of your products?

3. NFC conducts research on the kosher status of each ingredient. Your company is notified of ingredients that are approved for certification and/or those that will jeopardize the kosher status of your project.

4. A pre-approved ingredient source list is developed, finalized and provided to obtain the kosher certification.

There a no fees or costs for steps 1 – 4.

5. You enter into a contract for certification with NFC and provide a deposit which must be received by NFC before the first inspection visit.

We know you have a choice of companies to work with and the right partnership is crucial for your success. Call us at 888-422-4632 and together we will assess your needs, budgets and any previous certification history.