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We work exclusively in the natural and organic products industry to provide clear labels so your consumers can be confident they are purchasing high quality, healthy and natural foods and products.

The USDA Organic Certification Process. Download USDA Organic Certification Process documents for:

This is the correct page if you are applying for USDA Organic Certification with NFC for the first time.

  • General Flow Chart: a diagram of the Organic certification process
  • NFC Procedural Guide: general outline of the Organic certification relationship between USDA, certifier and your facility
  • OSP Starter Kit – guide to help you submit a complete application
  • NFC – Form 01: Organic Application
  • NFC Affidavit: Affidavit for allowed non-organic certified ingredients in your product(s). They must be GMO-free and contain no prohibited substances and/or processes
  • NFC Organic Profile Form: One form that outlines the raw materials and ingredients in your product, their source and organic status.
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