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    At Natural Food Certifiers, we believe that people have the right to choose health. By offering GMO free, organic, gluten free, vegan, and kosher certifications, we put choice back on the shelf. Look out for our labels to enjoy your food in its natural goodness.

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  • 1GMO Guard
    Dear Friend, Welcome to the NFC GMO Guard verification program. The NFC GMO Guard system meets the “no-GMO”
      Apply here for USDA organic certification using our online fill-in forms. Existing clients may fulfill their annual
  • 3Gluten Guard
    Information about Gluten Guard Certification Click here to download all the forms and information. If you want to
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    Information about Vegan Certification. Click here to download the forms and information. If you want to combine packages
  • 5Apple K Kosher
    Complete your commitment to your customers health and well-being with our premier kosher certification.

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  • DIY Tips for Varicose Veins

      I first noticed it after the birth of my eldest child. There, at the bottom of my ankle, a purple vein, swollen and bruised. It is estimated that some 20-25 million Americans suffer from varicosities, with a large proportion occurring in women as early as in their 20’s and
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  • A Mother’s First Words Can Heal

    Dear Yossi,   The word NO was one of your firsts. I am pretty sure that it was one of my first words as well, and lately you seem to be taking after your mama in more ways than one. ‘No’ is an important word. It defines right from wrong
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  • New to the NFC family : Little Apple

        Little Apple is an Organic cold pressed juice and vegan snack company. Their cold pressed juices and snacks are RAW, WHOLE, FRESH and delicious! They are loaded with all the enzymes and nutrients that your body craves and requires to function at its best Located in Woodstock NY,
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  • Free Choice

      The recent defeat in Oregon and Washington to institute mandatory labeling of GMO foods is a  victory for the American soul. The decisions of men and women are far better than legislation. Genetically Modified Foods can, and will be rejected, through nurturing a deep respect for not only health and vitality,
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  • Statins and the War Against Cholesterol

    For the past sixty years the medical community has waged war against cholesterol, flooding the pharmaceutical industry with its super-power, anti-cholesterol weapons, statins. Not only do these drugs block the body’s cholesterol production, but it is also claimed that they sweep up and absorb excess cholesterol already present in the
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  • Beyond Skin Deep: Healing Acne from the Inside Out

    Acne. It is the bane of our teenage years, and sometimes even our adult years as well. Journey into any drug store, and you will behold a myriad of skin panaceas, promising “clarifying” and “brightening” results. And if they don’t work, you can easily drift over to the dozens of
    Read more
  • Vegan Oatmeal Squares

    Looking for a healthy alternative for a breakfast muffin? These oatmeal squares are delicious , healthy and surprisingly vegan! Ingredients: 1 cup whole Spelt flour (or any flour of choice) 2 cups rolled oats 1 cup boiling hot water 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp vanilla 1/2 cup maple syrup
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  • Gluten Free Fudge Bars

    It’s getting cold in the Northeast and everyone loves to sit down with a hot drink and a piece of cake. Enjoy this delicious recipe to satisfy that sweet tooth while eating healthy. They are completely raw, dairy and gluten free. Keep them in individualized portions for an on the go
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is the only international organization that provides certification to five natural food standards including kosher!

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