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    At Natural Food Certifiers, we believe that people have the right to choose health. By offering GMO free, organic, gluten free, vegan, and kosher certifications, we put choice back on the shelf. Look out for our labels to enjoy your food in its natural goodness.

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  • 1GMO Guard
    Dear Friend, Welcome to the NFC GMO Guard verification program. The NFC GMO Guard system meets the “no-GMO”
      Apply here for USDA organic certification using our online fill-in forms. Existing clients may fulfill their annual
  • 3Gluten Guard
    Information about Gluten Guard Certification Click here to download all the forms and information. If you want to
  • 4VEGAN
    Information about Vegan Certification. Click here to download the forms and information. If you want to combine packages
  • 5Apple K Kosher
    Complete your commitment to your customers health and well-being with our premier kosher certification.

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  • Liar’s Cheesecake

    It looks like cheesecake. It feels like cheesecake. It tastes like cheesecake. But it’s not cheesecake. It’s raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, no bake Liar’s Cheesecake. And it’s insanely good. This Shavuos serve a ‘cheesecake’ that every person at your table can enjoy. Amaze all your guests
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  • Big Win For Young Entrepreneurs and Healthy Jews

    Apple Kosher Young Entrepreneurs Campaign Spring Valley, NY – Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) announced its Young Entrepreneur Kosher Campaign today. Concern is growing about the foods our restaurants are serving us, and rightfully so. Everybody knows that restaurant foods contain dangerous chemicals, pesticides, and life-threatening hidden fats. It is no
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  • NFC Sponsors Innovative Organic Program

    TERI, Campus for Life is a special and unique organization that NFC is proud and honored to be associated with. TERI accommodates the needs and improves the quality of life for children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities. Headquartered in Oceanside, California TERI specializes in serving individuals who have
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  • GMO Guard: The Situation Room

    GMOs are everywhere! They show up in the most surprising places. And when they do, they often present a challenge: How do we handle this item? Is it, or is it not acceptable? One such example recently popped up in a GMO Guard application. NFC was asked to verify a
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  • Our Latest Additions to the NFC Family

    The NFC family of healthy foods has been rapidly growing. Here are some great companies we’re proud to welcome in:   What started as a vision of Meliza and Jovany Veloz turned into reality in their basement. Today GreenGrassLife has become one of the largest indoor urban farms in New York City.
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is the only international organization that provides certification to five natural food standards including kosher!

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